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Eric D'Alessandro at the Cutting Room Friday, March 6, 2020

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Being a New York native and the youngest of a big Italian family have both greatly influenced Eric’s style of relentless and brutally honest comedy.

With over 98K followers on Instagram and millions of views on YouTube, Eric D’Alessandro is taking the comedy world by storm. Social media has given him the ability to create content that is both relatable and timely to the behaviors and lives of everyday Americans.

Eric’s comedic impressions and uncensored musical rhetoric compose the highlights of his viral YouTube videos, including his popular “Maria Marie” series and “#MariaMogi” series.

Eric has sold out every show he has held, including iPlay America with its arena of over 1,300 seats. A pivotal moment in his career was moving cross-country from New York to Los Angeles to follow his passion as a creative. Living in Los Angeles has given him the opportunity to explore his talents as a producer, writer, director, and actor. Eric has been featured on podcasts, TV shows, and most notably in the motion-picture “Nerve” alongside Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Upon seeing his videos which have gone viral, the directors outreached Eric and wrote him into the script.

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Joe Sib, co-founder and co-conspirator of Side One Dummy Records for over twenty years, has continued to climb up the ranks of the comedy scene. Joe released his first comedy record, Joe Sib Nowhere Near the Top, in April 2017 which debuted #3 on the Billboard’s Comedy Chart. From the 1980s punk scene to millennium parent, Joe’s comedy takes you on a manic, ride from growing up in the era of “safety last”, and into the present, as he tries to helicopter parent without a license.

After throwing himself into the punk and skate underground of his California hometown, Joe’s band Wax was signed to a major label as part of the early ’90s breakthrough of punk rock into the mainstream. He co-founded an indie label, SideOneDummy, that signed such now-iconic bands as Flogging Molly and the Gaslight Anthem. Turning his behind-the-music stories from the road into a one-man show led to touring as a stand-up comic, which led to such highlights as his recent tour with Metallica, in which he and  comedian Jim Breuer created a show that re-defined the term “opening act.” With every new twist and turn in his path, Joe has been left wondering “How did I get here?”

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